Friday, February 16, 2007


I don't mean to be contrary to any sentiment of my soul
But no matter the day or if prosperity fades away, there will be no famine of love
'Cause no matter the sunlight that gets lost in the sky, no cloud will cover my soul
Or when peace fades away in the darkness of the day, your presence I will still want more

Happy is my heart, when my day gets its start, getting a portion of your time
Though the calendar has its days, where they quickly fly away, you slow down my heart
You pour coffee in my cup and I drink it up and watch our children play
And I'm thankful for the wife I adore and the life I don't deserve

I, I will be laboring, to be sweetly savoring you all my life
I know that I can't be left alone too long or I will go out of my mind

So happy valentine, my darling!
I will labor to survive our love all my life.

This was the song my husband wrote me for Valentine's Day. We were heading out to my favorite Mediterranean restaurant for dinner but John took me up to one of the school piano rooms first to sing it to me. I've been so thankful this year for where we are as a family physically and spiritually, my husband, my daughter and all of the precious things in between. This was one of those things in between.

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Lisa said...

that was beautiful, what a wonderful day that must have been.